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Chengdu Taiyu Industrial Gas Co.,ltd

Company Introduction
Established in the year of 2001,Chengdu Yutai Industrial Gas Co.,Ltd are engaged in Speciality Gases, Industrial Gases, UHP Rare Gases , Refrigerant Gases ,Bulk Mixed Gases, Standard Gases and Various Gas Pipeline Projects.Also we can develop kinds of gases according to customer's request.

Speciality Gases: Sulfur hexafluoride(SF6), Carbon Tetrafluoride(CF4), Boron Trifluoride(BF3), Nitrogen Trifluoride(NF3), Ethylene(C2H4), Nitric oxide (NO ), Sulfur dioxide(SO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO) , Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S), Nitrous Oxide(N2O), Tungsten Hexafluoride (WF6), Hydrogen Bromide(HBr), Boron Trichloride (BCL3), Monochloro Methane(CH3Cl), Perfluoropropane (C3F8),Hydrogen Chloride(HCl),Iodine Pentafluoride(F5I), Fluorine Gas Sterilization Gas, P10 Methane Gas Mixture of Argon, Methane(CH4), Ethane(C2H6), Phosphorus Pentafluoride(PF5), Antimony Pentafluoride(SbF5), Sulfur Tetrafluoride(SF4), Tetrafluoroborate, Trifluoromethane(CHF3), Phosphine(PH3), Disilane (Si2H6), Phosphorus Pentafluoride(PF5), Antimony Pentafluoride(SbF5), Sulfur Tetrafluoride(SF4), Tetrafluoroborate, Trifluoromethane(CHF3), Phosphine(PH3),etc

Industrial Gases: Hydrogen(H2), Oxygen(O2), Nitrogen(N2), Propane(C3H4), , Acetylene(C2H2), Nitrogen(N2,), Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Ammonia, Liquid Aargon, Dry Ice, Carbon Dioxide(CO2), etc

UHP Rare Gases:Argon(Ar), Helium(He), Neon Gas(Ne), Xenon(Xe), Krypton(Kr), etc.

Refrigerant Gases: Ammonia(R717,NH3), Difluoromethane(R32,CH2F2), Trifluoromethane(R23,CHF3), Carbon Tetrafluoride(R14,CF4), Hexafluoropropylene(R1216,C3F6), Butane(R600, C4H10),etc

Gas Pipeline Project Service for: Chemical Industry, Semiconductor Industry,Solar Photovoltaic, Schools, Research Institutions,Customs, Inspection&Quarantine Centers, etc;

We can also produce various Mixed Gases according to your special requirements, such as: Purity Air, Mixed Gas of Fluorine& Nitrogen,Oxygen, Mixed Gas of Helium and Silane Hydrogen, Argon GasProtection, Oxygen-Argon Gas Mixture, etc.

With a long-term of cooperation with a number of research facilities and manufactures,and with more than ten years of dangerous gas sales experience and extensive sales market,our products are well trusted & Praised by customers.
If you're interested in Industrial Special Gas or gas pipeline project,please feel free to contact us .We will try our utmost to offer you detailed information and our best price.Certainly anything you want to inquire will be highly appreciated
Contact Information
  • Contact PersonMillet Cheng
  • Telephone+86 13982272039
  • Fax Number+86 28 88455212
  • Website
  • Post Code620020
  • AddressNO.2999,Airport No. 3 Road, economic development Zone , Southwest Airport, Shuangliu County, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
  • Online MapChengdu Taiyu Industrial Gas Co.,ltd Map & Directions
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