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Sunrise Industries Fzc

Business TypeManufacturing & Trading
Main MarketsIndia,africa,Middle east,china, Singapore,Malaysia etc..
Product/ServiceBase oil,Lubricants Oils,diesel etc
Business OwnerSorabh Goyel

Company Introduction

Company Profile
SUNRISE INDUSTRIES was established in, i.e. on 04 April 2010, Mr.Sorabh Goyel started in RAK free zone vide License No. RAKIA 23 FZ304 10 2736.
Sunrise’s industries business forays manufacturing of base oil from the Crude Distillations, Recycle oil distillation and Lube oil blending Plant in UAE. Mr. Sorabh, the promoter of the company, being a very foresighted person and passionate about his work, He also started exporting various petrochemical products to India and other places to accelerate the scope of progress of this growth.
Sunrise has gained a lot of name and fame in the petrochemical industry in UAE and abroad. Its employees are the strong building pillars who have contributed to the considerable growth experienced by the company since its foundation. There are a lot of success stories, yet to be written by the company, in times to come.
Sunrise Industries having a brand name of “Royal Lube”
Quality of Products
We provide our customers with premium quality products with competitive prices. We are producing Lubricants oil made from high quality base oil to match with superior quality of Additives and distributed to many customers and organisation in different countries. We have lubricants for a wide range of applications like automotive, Hydraulic, Gear, Marine, Industrial and other speciality products etc. Royal lube product types include synthetic, semi synthetic, mineral oil, Gr-II & Gr-III base oils of different grades and viscosities to work effectively in a wide range of temperatures and conditions with extended lubricants intervals.
Range of Products (Brand Name: Royal Lube)
• Automotive Engine Oils (Motor Oils, Diesel Oils & 2T Oils)
• Gear Oils
• Automatic Transmission Fluids
• Hydraulic Oils
• Turbine Oils
• Compressor Oils
• Soluble Cutting Oils
• Marine Oils
• Brake Fluids
• Anti-Freeze Radiator Coolants
• Greases (Lithium & Calcium )
• Specialty Products
Base Oils
• Group I Base Oils ( BS 150 ,SN650,SN 500 & SN 150)
• Group II Base Oils (SN 500,SN 250 & SN 150)
• Group III Base Oils (N 500,N 250,N150,N70&N60)
• Synthetic Oils (PAO 4 & PAO 6 )
• Heavy Alkylate Benzene
• Recycled Base Oils (RC 500,RC 300 &RC 150 )
Our Mission
To achieve international standards of excellence in all aspects of business with focus on customer satisfaction through value of products and services and cost reduction.
To attain leadership in developing, adopting and assimilating state-of-the-art technology for competitive advantage.
 To provide technology and services through sustained Research and Development.
Technical Support
Sunrise has its own laboratory with full range of testing facilities. Royal Lube brand products are always blended in accordance to the International Standards. In addition to supplying high quality lubricants we also provide a full range of services to clients such as used oil analysis, technical support services etc.

Production Capacity
The plant has a production capacity of 40,000 MT/year and the blending process controls guarantees accurate and precise blending & packaging. The Production capacity is being increased to meet the growing needs of the customers and lubricant industry.
Our Vision
To be a major diversified, transnational, integrated lubricant specialist company capable of providing complete solutions to the requirements of the customers and strive to be their only choice through commitment to our principles and values.
Contact Details,
P.O.BOX 86022
Tel:- +971 6 5262603
Fax: - +971 6 5262607
Mob No. +971551062222
Web: www.sunriseindustries.ae
Product Description
Gasoline Engine Oil
Royal Lube Mono/multi grade oils are formulated from the high quality base oil (Group- I, Group- II, Group-III, semi-synthetic and synthetic oils) blended with superior quality of additives.
Grades: - SAE30, SAE 40, SAE 50, SAE 60, SAE 70, SAE 20W40, SAE 20W50, SAE 15W40, SAE 15W50, SAE 10W30, SAE 10W40, SAE 5W20, SAE 5W30, SAE 5W40, SAE 0W40, SAE 0W30 and SAE 0W20
API Performance: SB, SC, SD, SE, SF, SG, SH, SJ, SG, SL, SM & SN
It is perfect for all types of Gasoline Engine vehicles anywhere in the world.
Benefits: - Royal Lube engine oil is designed to provide ultimate cleaning power, wear protection and overall performance.
Diesel Engine Oil
Royal Lube mono/multi grade oils are formulated from the high quality base oil (Group- I, Group- II, Group-III, semi-synthetic and synthetic oils) blended with superior quality of additives.
Grades: - SAE30, SAE 40, SAE 50, SAE 60, SAE 20W40, SAE 20W50, SAE 15W50, SAE 15W40, SAE 10W40, SAE 10W30, SAE 10W20, SAE 5W40, SAE 5W30, SAE 5W20, SAE 0W40, SAE 0W30 and SAE 0W20
API Performance: - CB, CC, CD, CE, CF, CF4, CG, CG4, CH4, CI4 & CJ4
Recommended: - It is perfect for all types of Diesel Engine and Turbo Engine vehicles anywhere in the world.
Royal Lube high performance diesel engine oil that provides excellent lubrication of today’s diesel engines promoting extended engine life. As a result, this product meets of all major Europeans and American engine manufacturers.
Hydraulic Oil
Royal Lube hydraulic oils are formulated from the high quality base oil (Group- I, Group- II, Group-III) blended with superior quality of additives.
Grades: - ISO 10W, ISO 32, ISO 37, ISO 46, ISO 68, ISO 100, etc.
API Performance: - HP, HVI & AW
Recommended: - It is recommended for machinery tools, induction moulding machine & all type of hydraulic systems.
Benefits: - Royal Lube hydraulic oil is excellent shear & oxidation stability, high viscosity index, high protection again wear and low pour point.
Gear Oil
Royal Lube Gear oils are formulated from the high quality base oil (Group- I, Group- II) blended with superior quality of additives.
Grades: -
SAE 90, SAE 140, SAE 85W90, SAE 85W 140, SAE 80W90, SAE 80W140, SAE 75W90 & 75W140
API Performance: - GL-1, GL-2, GL-3, GL-4, GL-5, EP & LS
Royal Lube Gear oil has excellent performance and load carrying ability and also provides protection for rust and corrosion to transmission components.
Recommended: -
It is recommended for all type of gears and manual transmissions.
Automatic Transmission Fluid (Power Steering Oil)
Royal Lube ATF oils are formulated from the high quality base oil (Group- I, Group- II, Group-III) blended with superior quality of additives.
Grades: - SAE 90, SAE 140, SAE 85W90, SAE 85W 140, SAE 80W90, SAE 80W140, SAE 75W90 & 75W140
API Performance: - Type-A, Dex II & Dex III
Recommended: - It is recommended specially for all Heavy duty Automatic Transmission, Power Steering units and is also used for Hydraulic systems.
Royal Lube ATF oil has excellent performance for a smoothest Power Steering.
Brake Fluid
Royal Lube Brake Fluids are formulated from the high quality Glycols, Ether and Poly Glycols blended with superior quality of additives.
Grades: - DOT-3, DOT-4, DOT-5.1
API Performance: - SAEJ 1703, ISO 4925
Recommended: - It is recommended for all types of Hydraulic Braking Systems.
Royal Lube Brake Fluid has excellent chemical stability, high boiling point to prevent vapor forming in braking systems and protect metals &rubbers used in brake and hydraulic systems.
Anti -Freeze Coolants
Royal Lube anti freeze coolant is formulated from the premium quality Glycols blended with superior quality of additives.
Concentration: - 100%, 75%, 50% & 30% con
API Performance: - SAEJ 1034
Recommended: - It is recommended for all types of Hydraulic Braking Systems.
• Protects against corrosion and deposits.
• Provides higher boiling point to protect against engine overheating.
• Prevents coolant freezing.
• Maximizes aluminium engine component life.
• Compatible with commonly used gaskets and seals.
Compressor Oil
Royal Lube oil designed to meet the operating lubricant requirements in centrifugal reciprocating and rotary air compressors, Formulated with the finest paraffin base stocks and an excellent additive package
Grades: - ISO 32, ISO 46, ISO 68, ISO 100 & ISO 150
Excellent oxidation/thermal stability
Excellent rust protection
Excellent demulsibility capabilities
Low pour point
EP protection
Turbine Oil
Royal Lube Turbine Oils are formulated with selected premium base stocks carefully refined to insure exceptional performance and long service life. This formulation includes a special additive package to ensure protection against rust and corrosion, as well as excellent resistance to oxidation resulting in excellent operational performance.
GRADES: - ISO 32, ISO 46, ISO 68, ISO 100 & ISO 150
• Steam Turbine Systems
• Gas Turbine Systems
• Air & Gas Compressors
• Hydraulic Oil Systems that requires zinc free chemistry
• Circulating Oil Systems
Soluble Cutting Oil (General Purpose Water-Extendable Cutting Fluid)
Royal Lube Soluble cutting oil is chlorine free, water miscible cutting fluid which exhibits excellent solubility. This is a highly stable, bio-resistant, and anti-foam; oil-in water emulsion developed for use as a general purpose, cost effective, metal working fluid.
Performance Features:-
• Excellent anti-foam properties: Particularly in soft water areas
• Lubrication: High oil content provides excellent machine tool lubrication
• Emulsion Stability: Tolerant to difficult diluents waters – can be used with water with moderately High hardness.
• Corrosion Inhibition: High level of corrosion inhibition on tool, slide ways and components.
Royal Lube Soluble Cutting Oils can be used on a variety of work piece materials including low to medium tensile steels, copper, aluminum and their alloys for the following operations
• Grinding
• Drilling
• Milling
• Turning
Recommended Concentrations:-
Grinding --- 3 -4 % Con
General Machining Non-ferrous metals --- 4-5%Con
General Machining, Ferrous Metals --- 5-6%Con
Concentration may need to be increased when machining difficult materials and where the water hardness has an effect on corrosion inhibition
Lithium Greases
Royal Lube Premium high temperature greases formulated to protect Industrial, Automotive, Heavy duty Fleet and Farm equipment

• Recommended for all types of bearings including plain bearings, heavily loaded journal bearings, ball and roller bearings, needle bearings and couplings
• Recommended for wheel bearings, including disc brake application, fifth wheels, U-joints, steering linkage and chassis applications
• For use in electric motors of the NEMA insulation class A and B types
• Excellent Grease for most “sealed-for-life” bearings
• Outstanding wide range of operating temperature
• Exceptionally low start up resistance
• Outstanding water washout resistance
• Resists bearing leakage at higher temperatures
• Excellent shock load-carrying ability
• Rust and corrosion inhibited to protect metal surfaces
• Excellent EP (extreme pressure) against high loads and wears
Calcium Greases
Royal Lube Calcium based automotive and other general purpose grease designed specially for chassis applications. It is processed from selected raw materials under optimum conditions to ensure uniform adhesion and adequate resistance to water and other contaminants. It meets BIS: 506 - 1993
This is recommended for use on all types of automotive chassis, water pump and other general purpose applications like universal joints, suspensions and other components.
Marine Oil (Diesel Engine Oil)
Royal Lube Marine Oil is a high performance multifunctional diesel engine lubricant based on a blend of highly refined mineral base oils and a balanced selection of additives. It is designed to provide the highest levels of machinery protection in marine engines, but being multifunctional, can also be used in many different items of marine equipment and used to rationalise the number of grades of lubricant carried on board ship.
SAE Grades: - SAE 30, SAE 40, SAE 50
API Performance: - CD, CF.CF4 & CH4
TBN Levels: - 5,10,30,50 & 70
• Royal Lube marine diesel engine crankcase and piston cooling systems.
• Turbochargers, geared transmissions, oil lubricated stern tubes and deck machinery.
• Good resistance to corrosion results in protection of metal surfaces from corrosion.
• Good detergencies keep crankcases and under piston spaces clean and optimise efficiency.
• Good air release and antifoam properties mean that air is released from the oil without foaming.
Specification: - As per API Specification (OR) Country Specification (OR) Customer Specifications
Packing Size: - Based on customer requirements
Technical Data Sheet & Msds: - Available upon customer request.
Quality of Oils: -Synthetic, Group III, Group II, Group I & Recycled Base oils.

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Contact PersonBabu Elangovan
Fax Number+97165262607
Post Code52197
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