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China New Metal Materials Technology Co.,Ltd

Company Introduction
Magnetron sputtering target
CNM could provide high quality target material for the field of electrical and semiconductor devices, flat panel display, architectural and automotive glass, thin film solar cell, magnetic storage, instrument, decorate thin film, etc.
High pure metal sputtering target:
Al, Cr, Cu, Ni, Si, Ge, Nb, Ti, In, Ag, Sn, graphite, Ta, Mo, Au, Hf, Mn, Zr, Mg, Zn, Pb, Ir, Y, Ce, La, Yb, Gd, pt Target
High density ceramic sputtering target: ITO target, AZO target,IGZO target, MgO, Y2O3, Fe2O3, Ni2O3, Cr2O3, ZnO, ZnS, CdS, MoS2, SiO2, SiO, ZrO2, Nb2O5, TiO2, HfO2, TiB2, ZrB2, WO3, Al2O3, Ta2O5, MgF2, ZnSe, AlN, Si3N4, BN,TiN, SiC, LiNbO3, BaTiO3, LaTiO3, PrTiO3 target, etc.
Note: The ceramic target produced in CNM adopts the most advanced ceramic production technology-inert gas protection hot isostatic pressing sintering technology, the relative density is grater than 95-99%. In addition, CNM could provide with the metalizing process of the target and unbounded services.
High pure alloy sputtering target: Ni-V Alloy target, Ni-Cr target, Ti-Al Alloy target, Si-Al Alloy target, Cu-Im Alloy target, Cu-Ga Alloy target, Cu-Im-Ga Alloy target, Cu-Im-Ga-Se Alloy target, stainless steel target, Zn-Al Alloy target,W-Ti Alloy target, Fe-Cot Alloy target, etc
Note: CNM product high purity Alloy sputtering target: tiny grain size number (150-60um), high relative density (99-99.9%), high purity (99.9-99.999%).
In addition, CNM provides with the metalizing process of the target materials and unbounded services.
Vacuum coating material
Evaporation materials
For complex film, color film, anti-reflection film, ultraviolet coating, air-sensitive sensor coating, high temperature dielectric coating, optical film, laser aid filter, preservative, transparent conducting film, discolor film, good wide band anti-reflection film, ferromagnetic film, visible region anti-reflection, infrared anti-reflection film, spectro-film, multilayer film, high reflectance coating, resistive film, high temperature reflectance coating, cold light coating.
High quality vacuum coating material: 4N-5N
1. Oxide: SiO, SiO2, TiO2, ZrO2, HfO2, TiO, Ti3O5, Nb2O5, Ta2O5, Y2O3 etc. high purity Oxide coating materials.
2. fluoride: NbF3, BaF2, CeF3, MgF2, LaF3, YF3, YbF3, ErF3 etc. high purity Fluoride coating materials.
3. other compound: ZnS, ZnSe, TiN, SiC, LaTiO3, BaTiO3, SrTiO3, PrTiO3,CdS etc. other compounds vacuum coating materials.
4. metal coating material: high pure Al, Cu, Ti, Si, Au, Ag, Im, Mg, Zn, Pt, Ge, Ni, Au-Ge Alloy, Au-Ni Alloy, Ni-Cr Alloy, Ti-Al Alloy, Cu-Im-Ga Alloy, Ci-Im-Ga-Se Alloy, Zn-Al Alloy, etc. Metal coating materials.
Note: the vacuum coating materials produced by CNM boasts the following advantages: high purity, no spilling, low deflation, well-distributed film, strong adhesion, better resistance to corrosion, uniform color, and so on.
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please qoute best for 100MT scm 14 and 100 MT adc 12.
please qoute cif neva sheva.
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Inquiry for Aluminium Alloy Ingot 98.5%, Aluminium Alloy Ingots (LM 24), Lead Ingots, Antimony Ingots.
1. Aluminium Alloy Ingots, Purity 98.5%
Quantity : 200 Mt
Aynul Kabir
Email : eurasia (at) eurasiabd.net