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Shenzhen Pengyulong Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction
Shenzhen Pengyulong Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company integrating the R&D and manufacturing of EL light products. We have sophisticated production and monitoring facilities and rich technical sources.

Guided by the principle of cherishing workers and product development, we employ high salaried EL specialists from both home and abroad as our technical consultants to ensure solid product quality. Meanwhile, we have also fostered many EL engineers with profound theoretical foundations and abundant practicing experience. These measures are definitely in compliance with our development direction since our country's entering into the WTO.

In the recent high-tech era, products are demanded to be smaller, easy to carry, simple to operate, energy saving and environmentally friendly. We think highly energy saving products will take charge in the international market, thus the birth and application of EL products will replace many high energy consuming products. Until now, the developed countries have adopted EL products in almost every industry and field.

98% of our products are now exported to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the USA, Asia, the Middle East, and Central and South America. Our range includes:

EL wire applications:
1) Car decoration
2) Christmas and New Year gifts and decorations
3) Decoration of toys, craftworks, garments, hats, shoes, bicycles, and pet products
4) Used in the advertisement and recreation industries

EL sheet applications:
1) Displays and interior/exterior decoration
2) Safety and lifesaving indicators
3) Advertisements
4) Toys, gifts and craftworks
5) Garments, shoes, hats, bags

If you are interested in any of our products, please contact us now for more information. EL Operating Theory:
EL is an equipment that converts electronic power to light. The general working voltage and frequency of EL lighting source can be turned from AC40V to AC220V and frequency can be turned from 50HZ to 4000Hz. Increasing the voltage can increase the lighting degree of EL. Increasing frequency has the same function, but the color of the EL lighting source might be blue.
EL Illuminating Theory
Theory is the material layer converts the electrical power into light, illustrating as the following:

EL Life Time Lighting Degree:
EL lighting source is not the same as the traditional one to cut off immediately. But after a long time use, the lighting degree will reduce little by little. Voltage, frequency, temperature, and humidity are all the important factors that affect the EL life time.
Common EL: 150cd/m2, half-life: 2000 hrs lifetime: 8000 hrs 50 cd/m2 60R.H.
High light EL: 300cd/m2, half-life: 2000 hrs lifetime: 8000 hrs 100 cd/m2 60R.H.
EL Weight, Thickness and Bend Toughness:
EL is light and slim. Generally, bending above 3cm can be acceptable, and can make any form you like, just like a paper, which is the main characteristic of EL. Average parameter as follows; but to some special order, the parameter may change.
Average weight: 0.1~0.2g.cm2
Average thickness: 0.4mm~0.7mm
EL Edge Closed:
In the lighting space, this is at least 0.1cm closed round the edge. If the closed edge is tooth in, it may cause mini-change. So it will be suggested that closed edge should keep the suitable width.
EL Color:
The basic standard illuminating ground of EL is blue-green, blue, pink/white. Besides the basic color, in the special range, we can make bright-colored effect by using the combination of special painting dyes and color sheet.
EL Dimension:
At present, the maximum dimension we can make is within 90cm-90cm (signal square).
Driven Source of EL--INVERTER:
The cause of the lighting source is driven by a matched driver. The voltage and frequency that driven the EL depend on the condition of the square, lighting degree, using environment, life time etc.
We can design the EL driver according to customers' requirements, for example:
1. Using DC 3,6,9,12V batter
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