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MIRO-Foods, Christina Chocolatiers, Lekker

Company Introduction
MIRO-Foods is structured out of 14 different companies, each company has been a market leader or in the top 10 of their specific product category for many decades and is the result of expanding its activities in the European market; a few of the companies have an even longer history, in some cases up to 120 years. Some of the facilities are quite large with an enormous production capacity, while others are smaller with a more limited capacity in its production. Each company works independently from the others and they all meet the highest standards including HACCP and BRC standards. A group of investors make sure that the company stays financially stable and profitable, always keeping an eye on the future.

MIRO-Foods produce all of its products in Europe and guarantee the best possible quality and efficiency after the sale on all high demand premium items. These types of products and our excellent service are projected for our US operations.

Christina Chocolatiers has been in business for over 60 years. Our locations have been in operation between 20 and 120 years.

The numbers and size of the factory vary for each location, for example an artisan bakery that makes bonbons by hand is a smaller factory with the capacity to produce approximately 3 million dollars in retail value and our factory that produces Dutch caramel waffles has a much larger square footage and can produce 20 million US dollars annually. The factories all vary between 10,000 sq feet and 200,000 sq feet. The sales for the total operation which includes all the production for all factories is close to 100 million US dollars.
When a product is provided where there is an interest we will always be able to give detailed information for that product, size of the facility, production capabilities, and sales in dollar volume.

All the production facilities vary from 10,000 sq feet to 200,000 sq feet and from 20 years to 120 years, they all meet the highest standards including HACCP and BRC, and ISO 9000/9001. Our factories that are over 100 years old make chocolate today the same as they did a century ago by dedicated artisans that making chocolate for them is a lifestyle and a passion. The capacity varies per facility and product. Products like the handmade artesian Belgian bonbons have an available capacity of about 10,000 kg per week/40,000 kg per month. In other facilities where the production is completely automatic, the capacity is almost unlimited since these locations can work with one to four shifts and / or production lines. Technology in this industry it does not change very much. We do have production facilities that are fully automated with mass production capabilities and if we find that there is a better way of doing something more efficiently at a lower cost and still keep our quality standards high, our engineers definitely look into it.

ISO 9000/9001

All of our products are certified to the necessary standards of the EC and they are all insured as well. If there are any US regulations and programs that are required by our customer that we do not have in place at the time, we will put them in place as soon as possible at our cost.

All of our manufacturing facilities meet the requirements of the De Keuringsdienst van Waarden, similar to the FDA.
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