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Jinan Gaintide Technological Development. Co., Ltd

Company Introduction
Poem of Salt bath salt is the classic bath salt product which is developed by way of modern pharmaceutical craft with the full excavation of cosmetics effect and organic combination with traditional Chinese medicine principle.
The magic which makes Poem of Salt bath salt differ from the other cosmetics mainly comes from its natural composition-Poem of Salt primal sea mineral salt and its unique recipe of manufacturing.
The primal sea mineral salt is the purest and the most abundant carrier of mineral elements that we can find on the earth up to present. It dates back 250 million years ago and was formed due to the elevation and compaction of the sea bottom caused by the geotectonic process at the foot of the archaic Taishan Mountain, where the primal sea was dried up as a result of sunlight. The overall reserves amount to 7. 5 billion tons. The primal sea mineral salt is absolutely pristine and natural, since it came from the primal sea, totally free from any industrial and environmental pollution. It consists of 84 trace elements which are just the same as we need for our life processes. In this mineral salt, the elements are available in such tiny particles that they can be easily absorbed by the human cells and metabolized.
Poem of Salt bath salt can truly deep sweep the skin through the distinct osmosis characteristic of mineral salt and rejuvenate the skin. It can also cure the bad body flavor veritably and retain the pleasant fragrance from the natural oil. Moreover, the nourishment composition such as collagen is able to arrive the deep of dermis effectively through the osmosis to rise the effect.
The unique characteristics of Poem of salt bath salt:
Rich of various of natural essential oil. These oil are added by way of solidified form which is a unique know how owned by us in order to improve the stability of the products.
The particle size of the salt crystal has been strictly controlled and is particularly suitable for scrubbing when bathing. The beneficial elements such as essential oil, the nourishment composition, trace elements can be more easily absorbed by the human cells and metabolized when scrubbing. We call it a scrub and soak (2 in 1) product.
In contrast to a normal salt bathe, in which the dehydration of the salt usually brings us unwell experience, Poem of Salt bath salt makes use of various natural ingredients for skin moisturizing to make salt bathe a truly pleasant time from beginning to end.
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