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Beijing Rongxiang Regenerative Medicine Institute Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction
Since the establishment in 1987, our company has developed scientifically the revolutionary medicines and nutrients that have been used successfully to treat millions of patients. In addition to China, our products have been introduced to more than 20 countries, including Singapore, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and most of the Middle Eastern countries including the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. We are currently developing the US market.

Skin Regeneration for Burns and Wounds
Our achievements in the regeneration of human organs began in 1987 with the physiological repair and regenerative of exte1ff8nsively wounded skin and the largest organ regeneration of the body, by using a proprietary product called moist-exposed burn ointment (MEBO). Our MEBO wound ointment, used in conjunction with the techniques of Moist-Exposed Burn Treatment (MEBT), has benefited millions of patients healing from acute or chronic wounds, restoring the physiological structure and function of the skin, and dramatically reducing morbidity and mortality.

Initial international awareness of MEBO came in the 1990s. The press reported that the MEBO burn treatment not only saved lives but also prevented significant scarring. On May 7, 1990, Newsweek Magazine published an article entitled "A Simpler Way to Save Lives, Could a New Medication from China Change the World Approach to Treating Burn Injuries?" CNN also featured Dr. Xu and his treatment of burn patients in 1990.

Regeneration Beyond The Skin
Our medicines and nutrients are combinations of essential natural substances processed through and formulated with our proprietary technologies. Supported by a well-established clinical and scientific foundation based on burn treatment, acute and chronic wound healing, and the repair and regeneration of the gastrointestinal tract lining, our company is now exploring new medicines and nutrients by using our ground breaking regenerative approaches. Our company is researching applications for a wide range of health concerns, from cancers, blood disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and diabetes, to other diseases associated with organ degeneration and failure.

In the application of our products to cellular, animal and clinical models for organ injuries and diseases, we discovered that human somatic cells can be activated or induced to the functions similar to stem cells, to proliferate and differentiate appropriately in particular organs in the body. This can occur if they have the appropriate environment and nutritional setting to help replenish, repair and regenerate tissues and organs that are injured, degenerated, aged or diseased. In animal and human studies already completed or currently underway, remarkable and surprising results have been achieved, and we are now pursuing to establish the clinical evidence and understand the science behind the regenerative process that does not rely on tissue/organ transplantation.

Our mission is to continue to harness the natural power of the human body to regenerate or heal by developing additional MEBO regenerative medicines and nutrients that will significantly impact human health. If we are successful, it is believed that these new technologies and approaches may help prevent and treat diseases associated with premature aging, organ failure, or cancerous transformation of normal cells.
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