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Baig trading & construction Company

Company Introduction
The name of Company is Baig Trading & Construction Company Lahore. The
Registered office of the Company will be situated in the Province of Punjab. The
Object for which the Company is established are all or any of the following and
Each of the following sub-clauses will be considered independent and is no way
Would be deemed as incidental or sub-ordinate to the other sub-clauses.
To acquire and take over as a going concern the business now carried on at
Lahore and other places under the name and style of "BAIG "and all the
Assets and liabilities of the proprietors of that business in connection
Therewith and with a view thereto to enter into the agreement and to carry
The same into effect with or without modifications.
To develop and to turn to account any land acquired by or in which the
Company is interested and in particular by laying out and preparing the same
For building purpose, constructing, altering, pulling down, decorating,
Maintaining, furnishing, fitting up and improving and planting, paving,
Draining, letting on lease and entering into contract and arrangements of all
Kinds with builders, tenants and others.
To purchase, take on lease or in exchange or otherwise acquire any lands,
Buildings and any estate or interest in and any rights connected therewith,
Any such lands, buildings and estates.
To construct, maintain, improve alter, develop, work, control and manage
Any works, roads, reservoirs, power stations, places of amusement, arts and
Workshop, pleasure grounds, gardens stores shots, and other works and
Conveniences which the company may thing directly or otherwise assist or
Take part in the construction, maintenance, development, working control
And management thereof.
To carry on the business of manufacturers, producers, importers, exporters
And dealers in bricks sand, line, tiles, pipes, asbestos sheets Formica, hard
Board, wood, plywood, seasoned wood, pottery, earthenware's, china, terra-
Cotta, ceramic wares, hardware, oil, Paint, pigments, varnishes, rubber
Goods, leather goods, plastics, imitation and all of building and decorating
To carry on the business of manufacturers, exporters, buyers, sellers and
Dealers in electric fans, electric motors, generators, transformers,
Switchgears, wire cables, electric fittings, lamps, heaters, radiators,
Refrigerators, ice plants, air-conditioning equipments, radio sets, radiograms,
Televisions, telephonic, telegraphic, wireless, signaling apparatuses,
Laboratory equipments, apparatuses, accessories component parts and to
Carry on the business of electrical engineers, suppliers of electricity and
Carry out all operations and executions connected therewith.
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