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Hunan Haili Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction
Hunan haili chemical industry co. , ltd (Hunan haili) is one of the hi-tech listing enterprises in china, which is mainly formed by Hunan research institute of chemical industry. Hunan haili mainly devotes itself to development, production and trade of pesticdes and fine chemicals, installation of chemical facilities. Hunan haili is fully reinforced at R& D and production of pesticides, which becomes states pesticide Development & Engineering Technology Research centre and state Carbamate Pesticide industry Pilot Base.
. Hunan Haili has built up the largest production facilites in Asia for Carbamate pesticides such as Carbofuran, BPMC, Carbaryl, Carbosulfan, Propoxur, isoprocarb, Methomyl, MTMC, etc. With annual capacity over 10000tons. Hunan Haili has also built up the largest production facilities in Asia for alkylphenol production, such as Benzofuranol, OSBP, o-isopropyl phenol and o-isopropxyl phenyl, , P-sec-butylphenol etc. With annual capacity over 15000tons. Depending on the phosgene production facilities with annual capacity of 15000MT and 5000MT, Hunan haili has developed isocyanate, chloroforamtes, Carbonates, urea phosgene derivatives and conducted chemical tolling. Since listed in 1996, Hunan haili has been ISO9001: 2000 and ISO14001: 2004 certified and passed certification of GB / T28001-2001 in china.
Hunan haili fine chemical co. , ltd is the professional sales branch of Hunan haili that mainly devote itself to the development of the marketing for alkylphenol production, Isocyana te, chloroformates, carbonates, urea phosgene derivatives, and conducted chemical tolling.
The products is as follows: Benzofuranolo-sec-butylphenol o-isopropyl phenol 2, 6-DI-sec-butyl phenol o-isopropoxyl phenol methyl chloroformate 2-ethylhexyl chloroforamte diethylene glycol bis chloroformate
O-tolunenesulfonyl isocyanate isopropyl isocyanate p-chlorophenyl isocyanate
3. 4-dichlorophenyl isocyanate Cyclohexyl isocyanate: Butyl-ISO-cyanate
3. 5-dichlorophenyl isocyanate P-sec-butylphenol (4-sec-butylphenol)
Tert-butyl isocyanate 2. 6-di-sec-butylpheno 3-chloro-1-propanoln-butyl-isocyanate
P-toluenesulfonyl isocyanate2, 3, 4-trihydroxybenzophenone
2, 3, 4, 4'-tetrahydroxybenzophenoneoctyl chlorocarbonate
4-dimethylaminopyridinelsopropyl chlorocarbonate
Chloror ethyl chloroformaten-butyl chloroformate
Ethyl choroformate9-fluorenyl methyl chloroformate
Phenyl isocyanatepropoxur
Carbayl Methomyl
Fmoc-osu (n-9h-fluoren-2-ylmethoxylcarbonyloxy) succinimide
Cbz-osu (n- (benzyloxycarbonyloxy) succinimide
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