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Ege Basak Gida Tar. Urunleri San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Company Introduction
Which has a place amoung the first 500 biggest companies of our country, has been located in a complex consisting of 50.000 m2 outdoor and 15.000 m2 indoor area in zimir, turkey. Stockbreading and poultry feed production facilities which are the biggest ones in the balkans and and the middel east by a production capacity of 20 mt/hr.

Cattle foods
Milk foods
Cattle milk food(600)cattle milk food(608)cattle milk food(611)cattle milk food(616)cattle milk food(660)cattle milk food 18 with proteins cattle milk laktasyon(715)

Fattening foods
Plateau fattening food(680)cattle fattening food(700)cattle fattening food(707)lamb - calf foods
Lamb starting food(500)calf starting food(510)lamb fostering food(510)calf fostering food(512)fattening food with deep(520)winged foods
Egg hen foods
Egg chick food(040)1. Period cage egg food(100)2. Period cage egg food(200)egg chicken food

Chicken for meat foods
Chicken for meat starting food(005)chick for meat food(010)chicken for meat food(020)chicken for meat ending food(030)ostrich starting food(450)ostrich chicken fostering food(453)ostrich chicken ending food(456)breeding foods
Ostrich breeding food(459)basic food materials %
Dry material minimum 88
Raw protein minimum 17
Raw cellulose maximum 12
Raw ash maximum 10
Unsolved ash in hcl maximum 1
Ca(calcium)minimum-maximum 1-2
P(phosphorus)minimum 0.5
Na(sodium)minimum-maximum 0.1-0.4
Nacl(salt)maximum 0.6
M. E. Kcal/kg minimum 2600

Corn, wheat, sorgum, oats, rye, topioca, bran, cotton residue of crushed seeds, sunflower residue of crushed seeds, soybean residue of crushed seeds, oil, melas, salt, calcium, carbonat, d. C. P. A, d3 ve e vitamins and mineral materials.
Net:50 kg
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