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Shuhang Industrial Development Co. , Ltd

Company Introduction
Remarks: please send all your enquiry in this website, we assure you that all your enquiry all receive our prompt attention. Thanks in advance.
Thanks & regards
Changqing li (export manager)
We wish to introduce ourselves to you as a professional chemicals supplier dealing in all kinds of chemicals. We have engaged in chemicals line with our own trade marks for over ten years, frankly speaking, according to our past performance in this line, we are confident that we are one of the best suppliers that you can trust in this line.
Our handling chemicals product list:
A. Additives for petroleium & lubricant
T202: zddp (zinc butyl octyl dithiophosphate, antioxidizing / anticorrosive agent)
T502a: 2, 6-ditery-butyl-mixed phenol (oil antioxidizing agent)
T501: 2, 6-ditert-butyl-p-cresol / bht (oil anti-oxidizing agent)
T106d (300tbn) : calcium sulphonate
T701 / t702 / t704 / t705 / t706 / t746
B. petroleium chemicals
Anion exchange resins
Fumaric acid
Hydrocarbon resin
Ion exchange resins
Mono propylene glycol / 1, 2-propanediol
C. food & food chemicals / food additives
Amonium bicarbonate
Tri-calcium phosphate
Fresh garlic
Lump sugar
Msg (monosodium glutamate)
Potassium bromate
Sapp (sodium acid pyrophosphate)
Spp (sodium pyrophosphate)
Sodium benzoate
Sodium bicarbonate
Sodium metabisulfite
D. Chemicals for fertilizers
Borax / boric acid
Humic acid
Magnesium sulfate
Manganese sulfate
Map (98% min. Purity, n: p: k=12: 61: 0)
Mkp (99% min. Purity, n: p: k= 0: 34: 52)
E. Pigments & dyestuffs
Fast Green (phthalocyanine Green)
Fast blue (phthalocyanine Green)
Malachite Green / Green / Brown
Solvent pigment
Sulfur Black 200%
Ultramarine blue 462
F. Basic raw material chemicals
Ammonium chloride
Ammonium superphosphate
Azodicarbonamide (AC blowing agent)
Barium carbonate precipitated
Barium chloride
Barium sulfate prec.
Benzyl alcohol
Calcium sulphite
Caustic soda (naoh)
Cuprous oxide
Copper oxide
Disodium phosphate
Tsp (trisodium phosphate anhy. )
Tsp (trisodium phosphate, dodeca. )
Ferrous sulfate mono.
Hpmc (hydroxypropyl emthylcellulose)
Hydrogen peroxide 35% , 50%
Manganese carbonate
Optical brightner agent
Oxalic acid
Phosphoric acid
Polyphosphoric acid
Potassium dichromate
Sdic (sodium dichloroisocyanurate)
Tcca (trichloroisocyanuric acid)
Soda ash light
Sodium nitrite / nitrate
Sodium silicofluoride
Sodium sulphide flakes / solid
Sodium thiosulfate
Zinc oxide
Please advise what products you are interested in at present, for products not shown here, you are also warmly welcomed to send your enquiry, the quotation will follow upon receipt of your concrete enquiry, we assure that your any enquiry will receive our prompt attention.
Hoping to receive your good news and favorable reply.
Your early reply will be highly appreciated.
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