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[Sell] Ladders, stepladders, trestle ladders

[Sell] Ladders, stepladders, trestle ladders PDF
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Olga Zhuchkova
#40 Komsomolska
Construction & Real Estate - Ladders & Scaffolding
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Ukraine Construction & Real Estate - Ukraine Ladders & Scaffolding
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Factory of insulating materials is one of the biggest manufacturers of fiberglass products in the territory of Ukraine.

We produce:

- ladders, stepladders, trestle ladders from fiberglass the use of which provides safe work of the enterprises personnel.

Advantages of our ladders:

- long service life;
- high durability and reliability of construction;
- not subject to corrosion;
- oil resistance;
- water absorption - 0,03%;
- low weight;
- reliable insulating properties.

- scaffoldings from fiberglass plastic which are intended for servicing the equipment of telecommunication. Depending on the order scaffoldings equipped with handrails and wooden steps, one and two-way service. Platform height is from 0,4 to 1,5 m high and weigh from 3 to 17 kg. The surface of a product is protected by the insulating atmosphere resistant coating.Steps are covered with sputtering to prevent slipping shoes. Products include rubber bearings (on request equipped with steel tips). Scaffolding at a height of 1 m - movable (on wheels).
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