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  • [Sell]Mixed Eyelash Extensions
  • Mixed Eyelash Extensions(I) You can have various eyelashes with different curls and length in a case. So, you can choose what you want depending on the applications!The mixed Style(I) : It place various length in a case, but the same kind of thickness and curl.
  • Telephone: +82(070) 8632-5256Address: 1141-5 JoongDong WeonmiGu
  • [Sell]Individual Y Lashes extensions
  • Individual Y Lashes extensions(EY-01) Y lash is Y-shaped which one strand lash attached another strand lash. When you detached it from tape, the form Y continues without separated from each other. So when you attach it to your eyelash, it looks rich.
  • Telephone: +82(070) 8632-5256Address: 1141-5 JoongDong WeonmiGu
  • [Sell]StarSilk Loose individual lashes
  • StarSilk Loose individual lashesThe loose individual lashes have a large amount of lashes. And as we can reduce static and the sticky of lashes, they do not stick to each other.
  • Telephone: +82(070) 8632-5256Address: 1141-5 JoongDong WeonmiGu Bucheon City GyunggiDo South Korea
  • [Sell]LED shower head made in Korea
  • A. Feather 1. No batteries or electricity required. 2. It can lighten only by itself. 3. It works by itself when water flows. 4. When RB model is above 43degree or RGB model is above 44degree red color will flash immediately. (To be warned ) 5.
  • Telephone: +82 10 8973 7322Address: 7-43, Garwol-dong Yongsan-gu Seoul 140-800 Korea
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