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  • [Sell]supplying rare earth lighter flint, flint rod
  • The quality of SED lighter flint and flint rod is the best one compared with others for our chemical composition of La. Se. Pr. and Nd. is much more, which will let your lighters more smooth and competitive, while our price is low enough to let you find more profit margin! Lighter Flint Specification: Diameter: 1.
  • Telephone: +8615898883868Address: Economic Technology Developping Zone, Qingdao, China
  • [Sell]Lanthanum Oxide
  • Rare Earth MaterialsChina Leadmat Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd supply many kinds of rare earth product. It include high pure Rare Earth Metal, Rare Earth Oxide, Rare Earth Alloy ,Rare Earth Oxide, Rare Earth Fluoride, Rare Earth Chloride, Rare Earth Carbonate, Rare Earth Nitrate, Rare Earth Acetate and so on.
  • Telephone: +86-755-82382356Address: 1325,Xian Ke Mechanicel Electronic Mansion,4th BaGua Road,Futian District,Shenzhen,China
  • We are leading supplier of premium grade zircon sand ( Australia org.) (zro2.
  • Telephone: 919924125961Address: drive inn road
  • [Sell]Cerium oxide polishing powder
  • We provide cerium oxide polishing powder for polishing glass surface, optic, lens etc.
  • Telephone: +6221-55767226Address: jl. gatot subroto km 2, ruko harmoni mas C-31
  • [Sell]cerium oxide
  • We sell cerium oxide polishing powder, 2 micron , white dull color, TREO > 90%.
  • Telephone: +6221-55767226Address: jl. gatot subroto km 2
  • [Sell]Rare metals, alloys, isotopes
  • We can supply rare metals and alloys:1. Niobium rolled products 2. Alloy niobium + 1% zirconium 3. Alloy niobium + 1% zirconium + 1% carbon 4. Alloy niobium + 5% tungsten +2% molybdenum+1% zirconium rolled product 5. Alloy LN-1 niobium +10% tungsten + 5% molybdenum + 1% zirconium +0,1% carbon6.
  • Telephone: 37038674272Address: Moscow, Russia
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