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[Sell] Firefighter Uniform

[Sell] Firefighter Uniform PDF
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Ivashin Dmitry
Ukraine, Kharkiv, Engelsa str.,14
Security & Protection - Firefighting Supplies
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Ukraine Security & Protection - Ukraine Firefighting Supplies
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Dear Partners and Customers!
LEGIO Ltd. - is a leading company in production of FIRE-FIGHTER UNIFORM in Ukraine. Five years of our active development give us the possibility to offer our Client a product that corresponds high standards of protection, ergonomics (operating conditions) and design (customer corporate style).
European flame-resistant fabric (for instance trade mark Nomex, PBI, Kevlar) and findings (Germany, USA, Japan) are used in production of fire-fighter uniform. We can make the garment of any design under the customer technical request. The product units are certified according DSTU4366:2004.
Now LEGIO Ltd. have been forming a dealer net. The purpose of dealer work is the promotion of our products, selling outspread in the region or country. We are ready to discuss different variants of partnership. Also we are ready to cooperate with foreign companies and agents who are engaged in supplying of fire-fighting crews, big companies, etc. with garment and personal protection devices. Currently we have been negotiating with the companies and taking part in tenders in Poland, China,United Arab emirates, Russia, Turkey.
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