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[Pythagoras krikelis] 2014-09-04 06:55:43 comment on zenna:
hallo im from Greece Thessaloniki and I need to a price list of all your products and your address, you Email and send it plese to me at
pythagoras27 (at) gmailcom
[ANUJ BAID] 2014-09-04 06:54:06 comment on C2C SOLUTIONS CO LTD:
anujbaid30 (at) gmail.com
i want to buy a4 copy paper in bulk, so please send the quotation ASAP.
[Gerald] 2014-09-04 06:44:21 comment on C & M CLOTHING CORP.:
Hi please send me some photos of you products, i am more interested in sportswear, im based in europe,
[Peter Crespin] 2014-09-04 04:51:52 comment on Foshan Nanhai Jin Zan Shi Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd.:
Hi where can I buy a model TY-66 transformer in Australia
Thanks Peter Email : zone88 (at) live.com.au
[Dolgormaa Hoid] 2014-09-04 02:36:25 comment on Schmidt Marlies Lisa:
Dear Schmidt,
Could you please contact with me via email hoida_sonya (at) yahoo.com
I am in about you whole machinery and equipment's selling propose.
Thanks and cheers
[ELI ZONANA] 2014-09-03 22:35:02 comment on Priscilla's Fabrics, inc.:
telasjael (at) gmail.com ATTE ELI ZONANA MEXICO
[singhal neeraj] 2014-09-03 16:01:07 comment on Jay Enterprises, Limited:
We want used offset komori lithron 28*40 4 col.
[Sean Browne] 2014-09-03 15:41:57 comment on Narrowtex:
From experience, Narrowtex and their patented NARROSTRAP is the best product in the market. Reliable, affordable and robust. We have ordered their strapping a number of times.
[gift cindi] 2014-09-03 13:49:36 comment on ZHAUNS BUSINESS OPPURTUNITIES (PTY):
hi i like most of machines but how do i get to have bussiness grant with you
[Eliso] 2014-09-03 13:16:08 comment on FCR FOEIGN TRADING AND CONSULTING CO.:
Please, give us price offer for chipboards:
size 1830 * 3660 * 18mm thickness. Colors – metallica, steel gray, white, orange, flame, chilly red, simply red, Bordeaux, American cherry.
Monthly need – 500 piece of board and endings for them.
Please, inform me if you can provide us by such size boards and prices for them.
Looking forward.
formaxltd (at) mail.ru
[Everosen Coma] 2014-09-03 08:36:10 comment on JVA Cartridge Marketing:
HI Sir this is Everose of Printing Images Ctc. Inc, do you have any contact number?
[Milly Olivier] 2014-09-03 08:06:35 comment on Jeans Factory of Bangkok Thailand:
Will be in Bangkok next week please send catologue
[vidyasagar] 2014-09-03 05:04:27 comment on ALLIED SOLAR ENERGY LTD.:
Good morning I need 1500 watts &3000watts home use solar system please give price of both byy
[James Moore] 2014-09-03 01:57:21 comment on Victoria Moulders & Poly Bags Ltd:
Dear sir/madam,
My name is James Moore, I would like to make an inquiry on if your company can supply me with the following type of Poly Bags;
Press Seal Poly Bags:
90mm x 150mm x 40um
Plain/Clear Poly Bags:
75 x 125 x 40um
If yes, I will be happy if you can send me an email with the price information on each bag per carton + GST, exclude Delivery.
I will be happy to confirm on the prices and get back to you with the quantity I want to order.
Thank you
James Moore
[Khaled Hassan] 2014-09-02 20:07:14 comment on ACA Seoul Inc.:
have you contact to Company Doowon Corp. in Korea?
Please contact us under:
khaled.hassan (at) getechnology.de
Khaled Hassan
sales Dep.
German Technology
[Oleg] 2014-09-02 19:16:58 comment on Dunlop Slazenger Philippines, Inc.:
Dear Mr Receno
Could you kindly forward me your e-mail address?
Thank you
[eleni] 2014-09-02 18:35:09 comment on U. P. Handloom Apex Fedration Ltd.:
Hello.I'm a wholesaler from Greece. I' interested in the cotton hand block garments that you make. Do you have a on line catalogue that I can see with your garments?
Thank you
[saji_1229 (at) yahoo.com] 2014-09-02 18:17:01 comment on Globalindo Biz Agency (GBA):
please send me price for mace oil. i want to import in pakistan
[Mert Çetiner] 2014-09-02 14:22:40 comment on Globe 1 Tech Co., Ltd:
My company name merpa bearing Turkey I have need URB bearing Can you help me ? my mail address merparulman (at) gmail.com
[Ravjit banga] 2014-09-02 14:03:39 comment on Atlantis Chemicals Co Ltd:
Dear Sir,
We r interested to import Xanthan gum ( food grade) 200 mesh for india market. Pls quote your best price & delivery terms.
Waitng for your reply.
Ravjit Banga
Taste of India
Delhi, India.
email: infotasteofindia (at) gmail.com
[ajay mohite] 2014-09-02 13:06:33 comment on Kompass Overseas Private Limited:
we require vacuum evaporated salt for industrial use.
pl, give us quotation along with specification.
[naresh] 2014-09-02 11:34:32 comment on Yiwu Modian Garments Firm:
I want pencil eraser without eraser cover....
[Sh Usman] 2014-09-02 11:25:21 comment on UTAC:
Dear sir
We need wet blue goat and sheep skins low quality reject pieces.
usmanleather45 (at) yahoo.com
[chris john] 2014-09-02 11:01:50 comment on Ashraf Ferdous Mobile Phones L.L.C.:
pls may I know the price of ur Bluetooth headphone, flash drive and mp3
thanks waiting for ur reply
[Dmitry] 2014-09-02 09:46:28 comment on Megaproyectos:
Hello. My name is Dmitry. I'm interested in the wholesale purchase frozen salmon and trout.
Salmon 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8+
Trout large sizes
Please send me the actual prices and supply conditions to Russia. Thank you.
[hafiz fahsheer] 2014-09-02 08:25:35 comment on Wenling City Hengfeng Shuyi Shoes Factory:
Dear I want ask you product if you have shoes men slippers microfiber pu sole you try to send me I will see
[Rana Abhay Kumar Chakrap] 2014-09-02 07:47:06 comment on Global Retail Recruitment:
I'm an Apparels Merchandising professional having a profit making experience with the world of Apparels & Clothing of more than 20 years .I'm looking for a relocation immediately.
[Elijah rakoma] 2014-09-02 06:27:10 comment on piccadilly fashions (pty)ltd:
I will like to buy unsellable items and sell them at my small shop in Tzaneen ,away from Johanesburg.
[sudiantono] 2014-09-02 05:40:52 comment on Labnovation Technologies, Inc.:
Dear Mr Yajun
I am interesting with your product clinical chemistry analzyer.
Could you send brochure and the quotation ?
Looking forward to hearing from you soon
Best Regards
Email : sudiantono (at) fesco.co.id
[Nataly Mitev Rodriguez] 2014-09-01 16:57:28 comment on BOPEPLAST:
Buenas tardes, me interessa comprar matéria prima como PET Y P.S natural, blanco y a colores. Me gustaría saber si uds venden esse tipo de material.
Como puedo hacer contactos com uds.
[Victor Yemets] 2014-09-01 13:23:18 comment on Ideal Group FZC:
Dear Ms.Mr.
My name is Victor Yemets, I'm an entrepreneur from Belarus, Minsk. My business delivery and setup of food equipment and materials.
Consider the supply of PVC / PET / OPS / PLA heat shrink (steam shrinkable) films for shrink sleeve labels machine
Please send specifications produced films for our problems. Prices and terms of payment deliveries by sea or air.
And the prices for finished labels for polystyrene cups with a diameter of 95mm iogurty. The number of colors labels 6-8.
Need film shrink more than 66%, because the diameter of the cup donyshka 50mm and 46mm.
Best Regards.
[Dave] 2014-09-01 12:57:54 comment on Masterstitch Europe bv:
I need meistergram m700XL tape drive.
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