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[Stefanie Schoeninger] 2014-01-19 20:12:20 comment on Tseasons:
my name is Stefanie Schoeninger and I am a bag designer from Germany. I am looking for bag accessories made of copper. Are you able to produce o-rings, carabiners, zippers, pendants, etc.? If so, could you send me a catalogue with possible designs?
I am looking forward to your response.
Stefanie Schoeninger
[sam sohail] 2014-01-19 19:59:43 comment on SGO CO LTD:
Dear Miss I'm Sam from Pakistan
I have automotive parts business in Pakistan.
If we give you sample of Bearing can your company make it on order ?
I'm your wait
Best regard
Sam sohail
Parts.movers (at) hot mail.com
[hisham (at) goudco.com.e] 2014-01-19 16:31:51 comment on World Exclusive Trading LLC:
daer sir
pls send us your offer for
o2 cylinder w.p 150 & t.p 250 bar capcity 40 L
calsiem carbide size 25
hisham goda
hisham (at) goudco.com.eg
[KCB internnational] 2014-01-19 13:47:31 comment on Agri Export Burkina:
Please contact me i want to buy tiger nuts info (at) kcbinternational.com
[Rudo Manyarara] 2014-01-19 12:56:02 comment on Shenzhen Shenlang Enterprise Co., Ltd.:
May I have a price list of the following agricultural machinery.
Corn/wheat/soya combined harvestors, potatoe harvestor,
tractor-drawn boomsprays and 80 HP tractors, and any other
aiding agricultural machineries.
[dakshesh] 2014-01-19 07:38:35 comment on Global visa jobs canada:
i interest in abroad job in canada
[farida cawatig] 2014-01-19 04:52:24 comment on Sharji Jonson:
do you deliver here in quezon city? any minimum order?
[Abdul Aziz] 2014-01-18 18:52:00 comment on Taizhou WATT SEWING MACHINE CO.,LTD.:
Kindly mail stock and price list.
[Mosaraf] 2014-01-18 16:39:30 comment on HIROKI CORP:
Dear sir
Our Clint need used FUKUHARA 4 or 6 color auto striper single jersey machines dial 30/32/34/ gauge 24 color 4 or 6
YOC minimum 1992
Kind Regards
[aditiyyo] 2014-01-18 15:36:30 comment on PT.Indonesia Pampers:
saya sangat berminat jadi agen pampers, bagaimana cara dan syaratnya? Mohon infonya
seno.aditiyo (at) yahoo.com
[Ica] 2014-01-18 15:09:23 comment on Wills International Sales Corp.:
Where to buy your product of wheat starch in the Philippines?
[Mansoor] 2014-01-18 12:40:38 comment on osmi dimi-69:
Dear Sir,
Please give me your email address
[Roberts] 2014-01-18 08:27:32 comment on Turkish Property World:
Possible to do agent exchange on international level
[Jason Hsia] 2014-01-17 18:31:37 comment on Zoolu Enterprises Inc.:
Would appreciate it if you could send me some PVB scraps photos of yours. Thank you.
[b.venkatesan] 2014-01-17 15:38:34 comment on JIANGSU HENGYUAN SILK GROUP CO LTD:
Sir I whand 42 d raw silk one kg price
[job daniel] 2014-01-17 13:00:29 comment on Arichem International Ltd:
i am planning to start a soap candle shampoo making business, could you supplier the raw materials to make these.please coctact me thro danieljob95 (at) yahoo.com
[Sunil S Patil] 2014-01-17 12:40:48 comment on AL yusra Recycling Factory:
We need 20 tons of reprocessed PP granules regularly . pl send a quotation on drsspatil (at) hitechplast.in .
This is our monthly need .
[Afsaneh Motamedi] 2014-01-17 11:16:40 comment on Tuba Electric Tehran:
I am just checking if Ms Mina Jalali is my old friend back in 1983 in Tehran?
windmiller3 (at) yahoo.com
Afsaneh Motamedi [mech. Engr.]
[Begli] 2014-01-17 11:03:27 comment on R-resin Co.:
hello! I would like to ask about the production Iron oxide, alkyd resin, Talk, Calcium karbonat !
My Skype: Jigerbek and my mail address:jiger1 (at) mail.ru
[Mr. Grossman( relicta gm] 2014-01-17 07:44:59 comment on Alroundafrica Ltd:
They are good, they accept responsibility, for e.g when the goods they sent to US delayed , another product was flown to US, for compensation, infact it takes them time to close deals but they close the deal with you , your sure of the deal.
[tabita s] 2014-01-17 07:18:48 comment on SWAN VACUUM SYSTEMS LIMITED:
SS vaccum flasks & lunch mate,caseroll, mugs are excellent
[George Taylor] 2014-01-16 23:39:41 comment on vending korea:
Hello from Australia.
I have 150 second hand Saeco SG200 vending machines for sale at a discounted rate. Would you be interested in buying them?
Thank you very much,
Geordie Taylor
geordie (at) mapcoffee.com.au
[E Rajvelu] 2014-01-16 14:58:07 comment on Cemerlang Coke Industrial Sdn Bhd:
We need petcoke supplies in bulk to india. pl provide you Mail Id. The spec given in your profile exactly matches.
[nataly] 2014-01-16 08:44:05 comment on Hsin Mei Kuang Co., Ltd.:
Dear Sirs,
We have a deal with your company in 2011.
We’d like to order Solvent ink Blue NQQ-480 ( the photo in the attachment).
What will be your prices and terms of readiness?
Our order q-ty 5tanks*4kg = 20kg
Please inform us address where to pick up the goods, we will calculate transportation costs.
[d_gussick (at) yahoo.com] 2014-01-15 20:19:10 comment on Arc Link Products, Inc.:
how do I buy dead bolt secure
[frishta] 2014-01-15 18:59:01 comment on j&d company:
send me your diesel and levis offer
[jeffrey] 2014-01-15 15:42:28 comment on LLC AKELA GROUP:
Please can you send your product range/catalogue to enable me place an order.Please send it to jeffreystunner (at) yahoo.co.uk .
I will be expecting your mail to enable us proceed

Jeffrey Stunner
jeffreystunnertrading Co
[Jack Yang] 2014-01-15 13:52:48 comment on K S Wood Industries:
We want to order falcata sawn lumbers. Could you supply?
Kindly reply to jack (at) xmsnj.com. Thanks!
[shailujain_35 (at) yahoo] 2014-01-15 13:02:59 comment on Yiwu Everwin Import And Export Co., Ltd.:
i want to buy tct dimaond saw blade cut of wheel and power tools and many more produt if u supply to india please tell me which produt and which indian brand
[Anne] 2014-01-15 08:11:12 comment on Comtran:
Hello sir,
165cm and 180cm star pickets avaliable?
Look forward to your kind reply. blueskylv88 (at) gmail.com
[nitin] 2014-01-15 05:49:08 comment on Corpwood-Cufe32:
we have requirement
if you have serious seller then contact me me of my email
nitinbhojwani (at) rocketmail.com
[Faissal] 2014-01-15 01:19:10 comment on Maroc Trade Investments:
I bought an appartment in Tangier at this agency and they helped me perfectly with everything from the beginning until i got my keys.
Keep on going
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