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Treated Teak tree seeds ( Tectona grandis )

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Treated Teak  tree seeds ( Tectona grandis )
Scientific Name:- Tectona grandis
Shape:- Spherical
Size:- 0.4-0.6 cm radius
Color: – Brown
Usage: – Germination (not for oil extraction)
Age: – more than a year, good for germination
Origin: – India
Packing: -5, 10,20,25,50 (P/P)
Availability: – September to July

Details :
Common name: Teak
Hindi Name: Swagon
Botanical name: Tectona grandis
English Name : Burmese Teak
Family : Verbenaceae

Teak is the common name for the tropical hardwood tree species Tectona grandis and its wood products. The species is placed in the family Lamiaceae. Tectona grandis is a large, deciduous tree that is dominant in mixed hardwood forests. It has small, fragrant white flowers and papery leaves that are often hairy on the lower surface. It is sometimes known as the “Burmese Teak”. Teak wood has a leather-like smell when it is freshly milled. Teak timber is particularly valued for its durability and water resistance, and is used for boat building, exterior construction, veneer, furniture, carving, turnings, and other small wood projects.[1] Tectona grandis is native to south and southeast Asia, mainly India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Burma, but is naturalized and cultivated in many countries in Africa and the Caribbean. Burma accounts for nearly one third of the world’s total teak production.


Teak is a yellowish brown timber with good grain and texture. Teak, though easily worked, can cause severe blunting on edged tools because of the presence of silica in the wood. Teak is often an effective material for the construction of both indoor and outdoor furniture. Teak’s high oil content, high tensile strength and tight grain makes it particularly suitable for outdoor furniture applications. Over time teak can mature to a silvery-grey finish. It is used in the manufacture of outdoor furniture, boat decks, and other articles where weather resistance is desired. It is also used for cutting boards, indoor flooring, countertops and as a veneer for indoor furnishings. Teak is used extensively in India to make doors and window frames, furniture, and columns and beams in old type houses. It is very resistant to termite attacks. Mature teak fetches a very good price. It is grown extensively by forest departments of different states in forest areas.

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