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Regions: Australia (10), Bangladesh (2), Brazil (4), Canada (6), China (34), Egypt (4), France (2), Germany (6), Hong Kong (6), India (67), Indonesia (1), Iran (10), Italy (5), Japan (2), Malaysia (12), Mexico (1), Netherlands (3), Nigeria (10), Pakistan (5), Philippines (7), Russian Federation (3), Saudi Arabia (2), Singapore (8), South Africa (2), South Korea (10), Spain (2), Taiwan (5), Thailand (4), Turkey (18), United Arab Emirates (6), United Kingdom (12), United States (33), Vietnam (1), View All
  • Plastic extruder, hydraulicKEICHER ENGINEERING AG
  • Plastic machines:RAM extruderPaste extruderTransfer mouldingHydraulic:Complete hydr16a0aulic systems- power units- rotary control actuators- linear control actuators- manifoldsHydrostatic transmissionsSound-absorbed hydraulic power units fo
  • Telephone: 49-731-9409100Address: Benzstrasse 26, Ulm, Germany
  • lubricating oil purification machineZhongneng Oil Recycling & Purification Machine GmbH
  • Zhongneng Oil Recycling & Purification Machine GmbH manufactures and offers a variety of systems designed for degasification, cleaning, drying, regeneration, purification, recycling, filtration , recovery, pumpdown, azotizing, heating, remo
  • Telephone: 49-5141-786226Address: Fuhrberger Str. 188, Celle, Niedersachsen, Germany
  • oil purificationZhongneng Oil Purification Technology GmbH
  • Zhongneng Oil Purification Technology GmbH specialized in waste oil treatment machine, which can purify and regenerate all types of used oils such as engine oil, used machinery oil, hydraulic oil, transformer oil, turbine oil, insulating o
  • Telephone: 49-7182-6686116Address: Reizenwiesen 18, Welzheim-Breitenfuerst, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Ger
  • Electrical Equipment & Supplies,Berlin-Trading-Ltd
  • The petrak ltd. Was created 2004 in berlin, Germany. Our company the berlin-trading-ltd sells electrical equipment & supplies and electronic components. We make the largest profit in west and east Europe.
  • Telephone: 49-04101-590469Address: Nennhauser Damm 150, Berlin, Berlin, Germany
  • Flowmeter, FittingGMR Gross-Mess-Regeltechnik
  • GMR delivers since 1994 Sensors Flowmeter flowcontroller Tube Fittings Double Ferrule Stainless Steel Brass Compression mechanical Connector instrumentation valve produce Measuring instruments for Flow flow turbine Pressure and vacuum Instr
  • Telephone: 49-3682-49099Address: Talstr. 50, Zella-Mehlis, Germany / Thuringia, Germany
  • Welding, Pumps, VehiclesFelzen Group Germany
  • The Felzen Group concerns itself with the world-wide oriented procurement and marketing of goods and services with technical emphasis.In addition belong fun- and special- vehicles, boats, tools, electronic consumer goods and others.
  • Telephone: 49-2156-491791Address: Niersweg 74-76, Willich, NRW, Germany
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